Investment Philosophy

Renaissance is a long-term, quality growth investor. Portfolio management services are tailored to accommodate individual client objectives, including income needs and risk tolerance. We develop an investment strategy working with the client to reflect their tolerance to volatility, need for income and their overall investment objectives.

Equity Philosophy

  • Our core equity investment philosophy focuses on a diversified portfolio of quality companies with consistent revenues and earnings growth that have the potential for superior long-term capital appreciation.
  • Fundamental stock research and analysis is employed to make investment decisions.
  • We emphasize sectors of the market with above-average prospects and individual stocks of companies with superior growth profiles.
  • We focus on investment opportunities in companies expected to benefit from secular trends.
  • We emphasize companies that are financially strong, well-managed, capable of generating high growth in earnings and dividends, and which exhibit leadership characteristics in their industry.
  • We seek companies with a proven commitment to research and development of new products in order to maintain their leadership position.
  • We utilize exchange-traded funds, when appropriate, to achieve increased diversification and exposure to middle and small-sized companies, as well as specific international markets.

Fixed Income Philosophy

  • We utilize fixed income investments to provide stability of income and capital preservation.
  • We practice a conservative approach to bond investments using high quality federal government, agency, corporate, and municipal issues.
  • We purchase individual fixed income investments with a specific maturity.
  • We avoid bond mutual funds which lack a fixed maturity date and are subject to significant principal risk.
  • We typically emphasize short to intermediate-term bonds
  • We stagger maturities to improve liquidity and hedge against volatile interest rate fluctuations.
  • We select taxable or tax-exempt bonds, depending upon a client’s individual tax bracket.

Cash Reserves

  • Money market funds and short-term federal securities are normally used as cash reserve vehicles.